My dear Parishioners ,

Prayerful greetings from Fr Paul Sequeira from Corpus Christi church ,moodbidri.

As we are about to celebrate the birthday of our Mother Mary I would like to wish you & give a message for this occasion.

we have conducted nine days of Novena as the preparation for the birth of Mother Mary. It was an unique experience with our little angels our flowers of our family garden who offer flowers devotedly & the parents who take trouble to give the taste of the love of Mother Mary & ofcourse God too as well as the Parish family enthusing them with their participation.On these nine days we prayed for nine intentions keeping in mind the nine topics for reflection and prayer.

St Luke in the gospel narrates the Archangel Gabriel addressing Mary as''Hail full of grace, the lord Be with you''.Lk,1:28. These words speak the holiness of Mary and the reason for God to choose her as the Mother of Jesus.

St Theresa of Liseax says '' Mother Mary is the queen of the universe as well as our Mother but as our Mother first and queen next .'' Yes, Mother Mary is our mother first. As we honour Mother Mary as our Mother we are her children the befitting children of a worthy Mother. It's obvious that we inculcate in us the virtues of our device Mother in us which will help us as shining stars wherever we are.Lets do so & give cause for her happiness.

This 'Monthi Fest' is the feast of the birth of Mother Mary, the feast of first fruits which we offer to God as a sign of gratitude & ask God to bless the nature & also it's the feast of the family where we share the corn which is blessed by mixing in the food & share with each other , thus praying for our families. This is the beautiful & meaningful tradition of our beloved ancestors who related very well God, nature & family.

Lets carry forward this legacy which is really the need of the present time.

On this happy occasion I pray for our angelic children, our enthusiastic youth, the responsible parents & the elders with patience.I also pray for our parishioners who are abroad. God bless & protect them.

I pray Jesus whom Mother Mary gave us who is present in the Eucharist to bless all our families, parish & our projects.

Mary, Mother of our families, Pray for us.

Wish you all the wishes of the feast of the Nativity of our Mother Mary.

God bless you.

Rev. Fr Paul Sequeira
Parish Priest
Corpus Christi Church,Moodbidri.

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