Dear Parishioners,

Prayerfull Greetings from Fr. Paul Sequeira.

Our Parish was founded on May 2nd, 1971 and Fr. F.X D’souza as the founder and Fr. Henry Machado as the Ist Parish Priest. On May 2nd, 2021 we complete 50 years of the foundation and hence now the Golden Jubilee.

The Golden Jubilee celebration is scheduled to be on Thursday, 6th May, 2021. The Jubilee year is already being inaugurated, committees formed and preparation are going on. Invitation are released and being handed over to the parishioners personally by me during the annual house blessings. The souvenir work and telephone directory work too is in full swing. The construction of the retaining wall is completed and the work of the compound wall is in progress.  The campus will be an attraction for the jubilee function.

As this is a great event to celebrate, it is a blessing from God to us. It’s a time to show gratitude to God and ask blessings for the future. It’s a parish event.  Hence all the families and all the members  here and abroad need to feel that  its “our program”.

I request you to attend the function, to help financially by way of donations, by giving advertisement, to sponsor items as per  your capacity, to furnish the details required by you, to come forward as volunteers to extend your helping hand and above all to pray for the success of the program.

Its “our” program and “we” make it a success.

Its an opportunity comes once in life time.

Lets co- operate, involve and participate.

May our patron CORPUS CHRISTI bless our efforts.

God bless you all

Yours ,

V. Rev. Fr Paul Sequeira
Parish Priest
Corpus Christi Church, Moodbidri Town