Parish Priest's Message

My dear Parishioners,

Loving greetings from Fr. Paul Sequeira.  I am very happy to give you short message for the feast of Christmas.

Yes for the past four weeks we have been preparing devotedly for the coming of our Lord Jesus. I think it must have been a fruitful preparation; A preparation for welcoming Christ into our hearts by mending our ways so preparing a way to the Lord.

There is a touching story of a small boy. Once a troop of army men were guarding their country's territory and it was Christmas and of course very cold indeed. It was night and they heard a carol being sung in a distant place. They couldn't resist it and they decided to go there and join them. As they went closer they found an Orphanage where there were children singing the carols. When they entered with their army uniforms and guns, the children were scared but the army men told them not to fear. They joined the singing and dancing. But there was an orphan boy who was quite small. He said to one of the army men " uncle, uncle, please hug me". The army man was perplexed at this. The boy saw in him his father. The army man hugged him tight and kissed him many times so too the boy.

Yes, the advent of Jesus into the world was like the situation that the whole humanity waited eagerly for a hug from God. A hug of love, hope, peace, forgiveness, care, concern etc.,

Jesus did give the hug to the sinners, sick, hungry & thirsty, tax collectors and exploited etc.,  Jesus said " I have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance." - Luke 5:32

Yes like the army man and Jesus we need to hug the people who are exploited, marginalized, downtrodden and ostracized'. Let us see the boy who wanted the hug in these suffering people.

Wish you all Happy Christmas" and the blessings of the babe Jesus. Wish you also a grace filled New Year 2021.

God bless You.

Fr. Paul Sequeia
Parish Priest
Corpus Christi Church-Moodbirdi

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