Sunday Readings:
ACTS 12:1-11;        
2 TIMOTHY 4:6-8, 17-18;        
MATTHEW 16:13-19

Theme: Experiencing Jesus is the source of our faith

The solemnity on the feast day of Ss. Peter and Paul reminds us of the very faith experience they had of the risen Lord. In the first reading we are going to hear the post resurrection experience of Peter, a miraculous escape, deliverance from the Lord. The arrest of Peter and the intended trial by Herod and the Jewish authorities made the church pray more fervently (Acts 12:5). In times of persecution we too are called to pray as a church: one body, one mind and one heart.

The experience of Peter as the one who was delivered is very unique to reflect. When he knew the intended trial and what had happened to his predecessor, James the brother of John (Acts 12: 2), Peter could sleep peacefully. All that happened, appeared to be a dream but was in actuality was a miracle.

We have important lesson to learn from Peter, have faith in Christ, let the prayers of the church accompany us and we will have peaceful sleep amidst the raging water of trials.

The second reading invites us to reflect over the experience of Paul as the disciple of Christ. The zealous work for the mission at the end of his mission on earth gives him a satisfaction that he has finished the race in good faith. He did it as a sacrifice for the Lord (2 Tim 4:6) and never looked for a crown. But his hope is in the righteous judge who will be able to give him the crown of righteousness. We are called in the world to carry out the mission of Christ in a detached way, as a sacrifice which will bring goodness in the world. It is the experience of being with the Lord becomes the source of our mission.

Our deliverance and our mission derive its existence from our experience of Christ himself. Our knowledge of Christ, who he is, will become the foundation to build the Church of faith. Peter's declaration about Jesus is the experience of Peter concerning Jesus, makes him the rock, the foundation on which Jesus will build the Church. Our experience of Jesus and our declaration about Jesus should become the foundation of our faith.

Prayer: Lord, may the faith life of Ss. Peter and Paul inspire us to lead a life that is dedicated to the mission. May our experience of your resurrection deliver us from all bondages, Amen.

Rev. Fr. Francline, SVD