Dec 6, 2017 : A musical evening by Corpus Christi Parish children was held at the church grounds from 4 to 6 p.m. on Sunday 3rd December 2017. 34 children took part in the instrumental music and vocal singing. All were dressed in white tops, black pants with red bow and it gave look of Children’s Orchestra.

Solos, Duets and Group singing was there. Great talent of music in our children was displayed. Parish Priest V.Rev. Fr. Paul Sequeira was the spark to this great event. Parents co-operated with the organizers lovingly and the children played gracefully and in an orderly manner.

Mrs. Meera Miranda was the MC who conducted the event in a lovely manner introducing the children and the parents. Group leaders Mr. Denis Pereira, Mrs. Reena Dsouza and Mrs. Ivy Serrao helped the children to come in an orderly manner without wasting any time. Sr. Meena, Mr. Clifford D’costa and many volunteers guided them to come in their turn and arrange their instruments. Organs, Keyboards, Guitars, Violin and Drums were the instruments played.

Children were given refreshments before and after the event. They were also presented with a souvenir as a remembrance. Vice president John Menezes organized the programme under the direction of Rev. Fr. Paul Sequeira.

Congratulations to our children for their wonderful performance and we hope to have more events like this to support our children and appreciate their talents.

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