by John Menezes

Sunday 28th July 2019: Corpus Christi Church Moodbidri-Sunday School children held a “Laudato Si” – Go Green – Campaign after the 7.30 a.m. Mass.

Children Marched with banners shouting Slogans to save the earth, save water, No plastic.. etc from the church to Saldanha compound. They visited the terrace garden of Mrs. Priska Rodrigues where the children saw varieties of plants grown and producing fruits.

From there they boarded a bus and went to the House of Mrs. Sophia Menezes and witnessed the house garden where 100 varieties of different kind plants were grown. Breakfast was given to all and children were given the awareness of going green and how they can also grow plants in their residence place and support to make the world green. Parish Priest V.Rev. Fr. Paul Sequeira, Vice President John Menezes, Sr. Jyothi & Nithya and some volunteers accompanied and guided them.







































Let us all join them and make our earth green and clean a better living place to all of us.

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