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Sep.2: Today first Friday of the month and the 4th day of Nativity Novena. As usual the mass started  at 6.45 a.m. Church was full of crowd, adults and children  carrying flowers  to honour Mother Mary.

Today’s message “ The visitation of Mother Mary to Elizabeth” and today’s intention  -“To pray for the people doing social services”-

We Christians are servers of mankind and Christanity is known for its service to the people.  Mother Mary too went to help her aunt Elizabeth when she was pregnant and stayed with her to serve her in her need.  Jesus also came to serve people.  Let us remember all people who do social service, people who are in service of mankind and the people who have totally dedicated their life to help others.  When we are honouring Mary, let us remember to help the people in need and also teach our children to do the same.

In olden days we were ready to help the people who needed help, like weddings, funerals, sickness and celebrations etc., and now arrangers available and people are busy in their own lives forgetting  the good virtue of “ Helping Each other “.  Let us be ready and keep the virtue of “ service to others”  alive“.  After the mass children offered flowers to Mother Mary by  ‘offering ceremony”  in the church veranda and reciting the Novena Prayer. Sweets were distributed to all present for the novena.

Oh Mother Mary, teach us to help and serve others following your footsteps.




























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