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Sep. 3: Today the 5th day of Nativity Novena. Mass started  at 6.45 a.m. with children and adults gathered in the church carrying flowers in baskets plates and in hand to honour Mother Mary.

Today’s subject for meditation : “  Birth of Jesus through Mary ” and today’s intention  -“To pray for the abolition of female infanticide”

In Christian community, the thought of killing female unborn is nearly abolished but in other communities and in India it still exists. Let us be an example to others and honour the God given gift of children to the family.  God balances the ratio of male and female born and we should worry or think, that a female child is a burden to the family.

After the mass children came for the ‘Flower offering ceremony” gathering round the statue of baby mother Mary  in the church veranda and offered the coloured flowers in the air while singing the hymn to praise Mary.  The Novena Prayer was recited and sweets were distributed to all .

Let us pray to Mary to show us the way to follow God’s plan.

























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