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Carmel School Moodbidri, the new CBSE School opened on June 3rd 2013.  The New School has  classes upto V Std. this year. About 95 students with their parents gathered in the Holy Rosary School Hall at 9.30 a.m. Sr. Aruna A.C. welcomed the new students and parents followed by prayer. Sr. Navina A.C.- Superior of Carmel convent and the Headmistress  of Holy Rosary School & PUC gave the welcome address.

She welcomed the Asst. Provincial   Rev. Sr. Carmel Rita, Rev. Sr. Carmel Ann – the Principal of Carmel School (CBSE), Rev. Sr. Aruna- Headmistress of Preparatory School, Other Rev. Sisters, students and parents to this great event stating

“It’s a great day to praise God
It’s a great day to thank God
It’s a great day on which the dream of
Carmel School has become reality.”

Education is the main Apostolate of Carmel Congregation founded by Mother Veronica and they share God’s love and compassion with others through education.  Apostolic Carmel sisters came to Moodbidri in 1964 and the CBSE Carmel School is golden jubilee memorial.  Today is not a formal inauguration as the building is not complete yet but it will be done when the work is complete.  She welcomed and thanked all who contributed to this great task.

Rev. Sr. Carmel Ann addressed  the parents as detailed below:

“Good morning dear parents‑

A warm welcome to you dear parents to our Carmel family. With your child in our school you become a part of this big Carmel family which is spread out in most of the states of India, Sri-Lanka, Kuwait, Pakistan, Italy, Bahrain Kenya and Tanzania.

Carmel As you know believes in the all round development of a child. So with academics we wish our students to be spiritually motivated, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted and leave the portals of Carmel fully equipped to face the challenges of the time. To achieve these goals we stress on regular prayer, value education, team work, different competitions individual and group wise and moreover give importance to every child to grow and blossom.

Your child is now become our child, but is it possible for school alone to work at its development? No, education is a triangular process where the child, the parent and the school have to work hand in hand. And this is the sole purpose of our coming together today before we even meet the innocent children. Thank you dear parents for making it possible to be here. Once again a warm welcome.

Since this is the first year with your child and as you see the building is still in the process of completion you will have to bear up with us at least for few months. But be assured your ward will in no way be neglected. We shall do our best to form your child academically, emotionally, spiritually, socially and the like.

To fall in line with our system of teaching and dealing with the children the newly recruited staff has been oriented enough here and also with our other teachers at the management level at St. Ann's Mangalore. It is said our learning starts in the womb and ends only in the tomb and so it is with all of us. So our teachers will be given orientation oftener to meet the expectations of our management and you dear parents. They are a bunch of enthusiastic and energetic teachers with qualities of heart and mind, so your child is in safe hands.

We are blessed here with enough land so we have a huge playground, and soon there will be a road from the entrance to the school and connect to the road near the forest office. So there should be no problem to those students coming by private vehicles. Since most of our Holy Rosary high school and PU college students come on foot, traffic on the road leading to the school should not create any hassle. All the vehicles will stop here on the ground and the child will walk down to the Carmel building. In case it is raining the child could wait here on the verandah and proceed when the rain stops. This will be only for a few months. I hope you will understand us.

The CBSE, Board which we will be following expects us to give limited home work specially at the primary level. We shall abide by this. But we have realized with experience that if we do not mention something as home work our children do not even open their books at home. So teach them some study habits we will be giving them limited home work and to note down this little home work or any other reminder they will be given a homework diary apart from the school diary. We expect that you check this diary and the school diary on a daily basis.

For the all round development of a child scholastic subjects are important. So we shall have lessons in scholastic subjects only from Monday to Friday and Saturday will be devoted to activities such as Mass Drill, dance, instrumental music, Karate and club activities. But these activities will begin at least after two months about which the information will be sent to you but during the first two months at least we wish to concentrate on their academics since the children are coming to us from different schools with different level of learning. So the first few Saturdays will be utilized for remedial teaching.

As I told you before, we all have to learn so if you have any suggestions for the good of the institute and our children feel free to approach me any time except when I am in the class which might cause a disturbance to our children. If your suggestion is constructive and within our reach surely it will be carried out.

On behalf of our management I would like to thank some parents, neighbours and well-wishers who have helped us financially for the construction of the school, with God's grace and your help we hope to finish the work begun at the earliest.

Dear Parents,

Kindly note the following guidelines which will enable parents and teachers to inculcate better development & growth of our children.


  1. Children are expected to be in school by 9.00 am. Parents must leave the premises as soon as the child is in the class.
  2. No parents will be entertained inside their child's classroom.
  3. Regular attendance is a requirement which must be adhered to.
  4. A child is expected to be present for the entire class evaluation.
  5. The teachers can be contacted before 9.00 a.m if the teacher has arrived or during the lunch break with prior permission of the authorities or after class.


  1. It would be appreciated if you would refer to the school diary for the rules regarding the proper school uniform.
  2. It is expected that parents purchase their child's uniform from the school.
  3. Children must come neatly dressed with their hair done well with black hair clips and bands.
  4. Cleanliness must be maintained, nails should be trimmed, uniforms ironed.


  1. It is expected that the tiffin box packed should contain healthy food, both for the morning break and lunch.
  2. Napkins, tissues, spoons to be sent with the tiffin box daily.


  1. Label all your child's personal belongings. (like bag, bottle, tiffin, pencils, erasers and pencil cases/boxes)
  2. Please send appropriate stationery for your child (no fancy products as it is a distraction)
  3. Bind all books incase of wear & tear.
  4. Maintain your child's books (no scribbling/ colouring/ extra work to be done unless asked by the teacher)
  5. Apart from reading story books, please read the rules and regulations from the diary from time to time to make them aware of what is expected of them.
  6. Encourage independence & responsibility in your child.
  7. It is expected that all notices sent by the teacher should be read.
  8. Quality time spent with your child will be much appreciated.

Teaching is a triadic system you, me and your child. For smooth sailing it is important that we co-operate with one another and are open to constructive suggestions all in your child's interest.

Looking forward with an eventful year with you

Wishing you all the best God Bless.

Thank You.”

After this the Asst. Provincial Superior -  Rev. Sr. Carmel Rita addressed the gathering  describing the work of Apostolic Carmel congregation starting by three sisters sent by Mother Veronica and today spread all over the world. She thanked the sisters and the people who supported their cause especially V. Rev. Fr. Austin Peres –Corpus Christi Church Parish Priest 

Then the new teachers of the CBSE Carmel School introduced themselves and the subjects they will be teaching the concerned classes.  They requested the parents to support them in making their children the future of India.

Rev. Sr. Aruna thanked all for making this day a dream come true for them. Then the students and children were taken to their respective classes and the teachers attended the students and parents with their queries.

May God bless the Apostolic Carmel Congregation and may Mother Mary be a loving mother to them for serving our communities.











































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