News Report:Ivy Serrao
Pics: Vian and Rishon D’Souza

In a display of profound reverence and devotion, Corpus Christi Church commemorated the Holy Week on March 28,29,and 30 2024 under the spiritual guidance of Reverend Father Vinod Mascarehnas and Reverend Father Onil D’Souza. The solemn ceremonies of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday were led with fervor and grace.During Maundy Thursday, Reverend Fr. Onil D’Souza symbolically washed the feet of twelve parishioners, echoing the humility and love exemplified by Jesus Christ. This act emphasized the importance of loving one another within the community.

On Good Friday morning, parishioners participated in the poignant Way of the Cross procession. Each station was marked with reverence as ward members carried a large cross, reenacting the path of Jesus to Calvary. The somber atmosphere reflected the solemnity of the occasion and deepened the spiritual connection of the faithful with the Passion of Christ.

On Holy Saturday all the parishioners gathered together in the evening with lit candles signifying Jesus as the light of the world and celebrating Easter.The observance of Holy Week at Corpus Christi Church not only honored tradition but also strengthened the bonds of faith and unity among parishioners. The commitment to spiritual reflection and communal worship underscored the essence of this sacred period.


































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