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Sep. 07: Today the 9th and the last day of the Novena.  Mass, showering flowers to Mary with hymns to Mary, novena prayer and distribution of sweets took place as usual.

Today’s Theme : Mary teaches the children to obey parents.

Today’s Message: Honour thy father & mother

Today’s intention is to pray for all parents and children.

Today’s readings Letter of St. Paul to Ephesians CH. 6: 1-3

Children, it is your Christian duty to obey your parents for this is the right thing to do  ………







Luke Ch.2: 51-52  So Jesus went back with them to Nazareth where he was obedient to them………

Children should obey their parents and respect them always.  Parents should correct their children and guide them in the right path of Christian living.  Jesus gave us the example to obey parents because parents are the representatives of God in the family.  God’s love comes to us through parents.  Children should love and take care of their parents specially in their old age and not make them suffer from loneliness.   

Parents should lead a life pleasing God so that they can correct their children when they are wrong.  Children should get moral boost from the way the parents are living.  Let us learn to love and live a happy family life which God has blessed us with.    Oh Blessed Mother Mary keep us under your care.

Happy Feast to you all.



























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