News and pics by Mrs Ivy serrao and Mrs Clara D’Costa

The closing of the catechism classes for the year 2023-24 was marked with fervor and reverence on March 3rd, 2024, as the childrens and Catechistgathered to celebrate Sunday Catechism Day. Commencing with a solemn Holy Eucharist, the day continued with a series of meaningful events organized by the students.

Under the guidance of Rev. Fr. Onil D Souza, the parish priest, and with the esteemed presence of Mr. Vincent D Souza, Vice president of the parish council, and Mrs. Celine D Souza, convener of the 21 commission, the day's proceedings began at 9:30 am.

The students, brimming with enthusiasm, showcased their talents through a cultural program. From prayer songs to thematic dances, each performance reflected the importance of learning catechism and delved into biblical themes and social issues.

























Recognition was given to students excelling in catechism tests, maintaining meticulous catechism notebooks, and participating in quiz competitions. Special commendations were also extended to those attending daily masses and serving as altar servers, exemplifying their commitment to church activities.

Marissa Moras, a Grade 10 student, shared her insightful experiences, while Teacher Clara D’Costa eloquently presented a report on the year's activities. A heartfelt vote of thanks was extended by Spoorti of Class 8, acknowledging the efforts of all involved.

In his address, Rev. Fr. Onil D Souza commended the students for their achievements and thanked the dedicated teachers for their invaluable service. The program concluded with a hymn of gratitude, leaving the attendees inspired and uplifted by the day's celebrations.

The event, skillfully compered by Jenelia Menezes and Joswin Lobo, served as a testament to the importance of catechism education and the vibrant spirit of the parish community.

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