Friday 6th  September 2013: Thought for the day:   Mary is the model of Modesty.

Message: Chaste and Pure life pleases God.

Special  Intention: To  pray for Vocations.

Good tree gives good fruits and bad tree bad fruits. The family should mould and train the children as good fruits of the family.  We should dress, appear and speak modestly. Our youth should dress modestly pleasing to others and God.  Let us take care about our appearance and dress when we are in public according the situation.

Indecent dressing and indecent behavior insult others. Therefore let us respect others from our behavior and modest dressing.

After mass, flower showering ceremony took place followed by novena prayer. Sweets were distributed to all present.

“Mother Mary help us to remain chaste and pure living a life pleasing to God”


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