Dear Parishioners,

Its quite a long time that I spoke to you.

At the very outset let me share the fact that I completed two years as parish priest in this church on 1st June. Yes, it was a great experience to be here with you. I thank everybody for the same.

When June month comes every body is alert for the students will start their classes the new academic year. The students who go to the same institution still their class rooms will be different. Others will go to different institutions with different experience.Some will leave their homes for higher education and those who finished their education seeking jobs which is another kind of experience.when the children's have these experiences the parents would have their experience by experiencing their children's experience.Those who have gone for vacation come back with a relaxed experience. Thus the activities have begun in full swing.I wish all of you the very best. God bless your efforts.

We are nearing completion the cemetery renovation work. I extremely grateful to you for your financial support and encouragement.

As the rainy season has commenced in full swing we have so far record rain of course with lot of destruction too. We too have experienced the collapse of our compound wall which needs reconstruction.

As this year is dedicated to Rosary & the devotion to Mother Mary I request you to pray the Rosary meaningfully & devotedly. Among the eleven wards in the church nine wards are dedicated to Mother Mary with different names. Hence let's experience our heavenly mother's patronage.
Let our patron JESUS who is present in the Eucharist bless all of us.

Praying God's blessings on you.

Yours in Christ.

Fr Paul Sequeira
Parish Priest
Corpus Christi Church,


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