I am glad to wish you all my Parishioners a very Happy Easter and pass on a small message to you on this occasion.

We have finished the lent fruitfully. The forty days have become days of grace which we experienced through retreat, adoration, Eucharistic celebration, word of God, Way of the Cross,  personal  prayer , confession, fasting and abstinence.

Easter is called "Pasch" means pass over. The Israelites passed over from Egypt to Holy Land by crossing over the Red Sea. The Israelites crossed over the Holy land by breaking the fort wall under the leadership of Joshua.  

Jesus crossed over to grace from sin, through this Jesus became the New Adam our Saviour.  In the lent we crossed over,

  • from vices to virtues
  • from sin to holiness
  • from selfishness to unselfishness
  • weak faith to strong faith
  • lack of charity to charity
  • negativism to positivism
  • fear to courage
  • unforgiveness to forgiveness
  • hate to love
  • unchristian to Christian
  • death to life

Finally what St. Paul says in II Corinthians 5:17 "Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation"

Yes, Resurrection of Jesus is the celebration of victory over death whereby participating in Jesus' resurrection we become the “new creation”. Let it become our aim in this Lent and specially this Holy week. May we experience the renewal in the realm of revival-in faith, relationship, responsibility, witnessing, charitable attitude and seeing Christ in others.

May the risen Christ bless you all with His Peace.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Paul Sequeira
Parish Priest
Corpus Christi Church

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