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Oct. 17: Today’s message is that we should learn to pray with patience keeping Hope in God that He will answer our prayers in the right time.  Our Faith should be strong and we should never give up praying because God loves us and He gives us our needs according to His will which is for our benefit.

Today was also the day for Blessing the vehicles and pray for the safety of the drivers.

The mass was celebrated by Parish Priest V.Rev. Fr. Austin Peres with co-celebrant Rev. Fr. Arun Lobo Ofm.Cap.  Fr. Austin stressed the need of patience in our prayer and the Faith and Hope we should keep in God while praying.  St. Monica prayed for her husband and son for 17 years to bring them back to God. 

Today’s Gospel was the parable of the widow and the judge (Luke 18:1-8).  If the corrupt judge can give justice to the widow for her rights, will God not judge in favour of His people who cry to him day and night?  Generally we pray for some time and then start thinking diversely if our prayers are not answered as our faith in God dwindles.  We should remain strong and patient and should not give up praying.  Moses prayed from morning till evening with his hands lifted up and when his hands were tired and started falling down, Aaron and Hur supported and kept them high until Joshua totally defeated Amalekites. Prayer is a continuous process of asking God to help us.

After the mass prayers were conducted on the vehicles and their drivers to keep the drivers and the travelers safe and also thank God for his provision of vehicles for human easy movement.

Message for drivers by V. Rev. Fr Austin: Please keep away from road rage, be kind to other drivers and show your generosity to the people who cross the road.  Your kindness and safe driving will make us good Christian drivers.


There were more than 150 vehicles on the ground.


The safety instructions and driving rules,signals leaflets was distributed by the ICYM members for the safe driving. This programme was organized by the ICYM of the parish.



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