On September 8, 2023, the Corpus Christi Church celebrated the Nativity of Blessed Mother Mary with great fervor and joy. The day's festivities commenced with a procession from Navami Mart at 7:30 a.m., led by a children's band, creating a vibrant and cheerful atmosphere. Mrs. Celine Dsouza eloquently explained the significance of the day in the Kannada language, ensuring that all locals understood its importance.

Before beginning the procession, Reverend Fr. Onil Dsouza, along with Fr. Deepak and Fr. Ashwin Cardoza, blessed the newly harvested paddy grains, symbolizing the blessings and abundance associated with the Nativity. During the procession The Infant Mary statue was reverently carried through the streets, and all parishioners joined in the procession, singing hymns dedicated to Mother Mary as an expression of their deep devotion.









The procession concluded at the church premises, where the Infant Mary's statue received a heartfelt tribute from the youngest members of the congregation, who offered flowers in a touching gesture of love and reverence. Subsequently, a solemn Holy Mass took place within the church, with Rev. Fr. Ashwin Cardoza serving as the main celebrant. In his homily, Fr. Ashwin encouraged young girls to emulate the virtues of Mother Mary, aspiring to radiate her grace and goodness in their lives.

As the Mass concluded, parishioners were presented with blessed harvested paddy and sugarcane, symbolizing the abundance and blessings bestowed upon them by the Nativity of Mother Mary. This gesture served as a reminder of the spiritual nourishment and guidance that the Blessed Mother provides to the faithful.

The Nativity celebration at Corpus Christi Church on September 8, 2023, not only honored the birth of Mother Mary but also fostered a sense of unity, devotion, and community among the parishioners. It was a day filled with spiritual reflection, joyful festivities, and the reaffirmation of the values and virtues exemplified by Mother Mary herself.


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