On December 20, 2023, the "Helping Friends" group from Israel and the "Good Samaritan" group from Singapore and SVP Corpus Christi church joined to organize "Christmas Gifts 2023" at Corpus Christi church hall. Moodbidri. This collaborative effort aimed to share the spirit of Christmas with underprivileged Catholics in the community, echoing the words of Jesus: "What you did to the least of my brethren, you did it to me."

Established on November 16, 2016, under the guidance of Fr. Rosario, the Parish Priest of St. Mother Teresa Church in Virar, and spearheaded by Mr. Sunil Mendonca and eight dedicated members, the initiative has since grown to include 28 members. Embracing St. Mother Teresa as a patron saint, the groups have consistently worked towards aiding the less fortunate.

The event, graced by esteemed guests including Rev. Fr. Onil D’Souza, Rev. Fr. Gregory D’Souza, Vincent D’Souza, Jossy Menezes, Charles Fernandes, and Anil Mendonca, commenced with the welcoming of the chief guests. Co-founder Sunil Mendonca highlighted the organization's diverse activities, from repairing the Church building to providing medical aid and supporting education for disadvantaged children.

In his presidential speech, Fr. Onil D’Souza emphasized the true meaning of Christmas as "sharing God-given gifts with one another." He encouraged beneficiaries to pray for others, turning the act of prayer into a shared gift for those in need. Rev. Fr. Gregory lauded the donors, stating, "The hands that help others are more sacred than the tongue that praises."

The event concluded with the distribution of kits and gift packs to the needy. Mr. Sunil Mendonca expressed gratitude to all attendees, while the skillful compering of the event was handled by Sunil Mendonca himself. The Christmas Gifts 2023 event stands as a testament to the power of collective compassion and the continuation of St. Mother Teresa's legacy of “Helping the poorest of the poor".

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