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Sep. 04 : Today the 6th day of the Novena.  Today too it was raining but children came to the novena with flowers.  Holy Mass was at 6.45 a.m. followed by flower offering ceremony and Novena prayer.

Today’s Theme : Mary praises God for the gift of child.

Today’s Message: Children are the happiness and benefit of the family

Today’s intention  is to pray for those who don’t understand the children as a gift of God and murder them in the womb of the mother.

Child is gift of God, it brings joy and benefit to the family. Abortion is a sinful act. All those who get involved in  the act of abortion are responsible for the killing of a life and sin against God.  Abortion is  a form of murder and it is a grave sin against the natural law to kill the fetus at any stage.  Let us accept the children given by God with good heart and He will bless us with abundant joy and blessings through children.

















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