The Infant Mary Ward Feast Celebration held on September 17, 2023, at Serrao Palace was a resounding success, showcasing the unity, faith, and community spirit of its members.

The festivities commenced with a captivating welcome dance performance by children, setting a joyous tone for the event. This was followed by a solemn prayer, fostering a moment of serenity and reflection, as attendees came together in prayer and thanksgiving.

The highlight of the celebration was the presence of distinguished guests, including Most Rev. Fr. Onil D’Souza, Mr. Vincent D’Souza, Mr. Norbert Martis, Mrs. Celine D’Souza, Mrs. Theresa Cardoza, Sr. Leena, Sr. Sushma, Gurkar, and Secretary of the ward, Mrs. Clara D’Souza, who added grandeur to the occasion. Each guest was presented with a rose and a memento as a gesture of respect and gratitude.

A special recognition was given to Andria Nazareth, who achieved an outstanding 97% in her Second PUC exams, highlighting her dedication and hard work. The ward's secretary, Mrs.Clara D’Souza, presented the annual report.

Most Rev.Fr. Onil D’Souza delivered words of wisdom, emphasizing unity and faith within the community, reaffirming the values Infant Mary Ward represents.
















Graceful dance performances by community members and games added elegance and fun to the event. Mr. Kiran Rego shared valuable insights with the audience.

Prizes were awarded to game winners and members who consistently attended zamath every month. Sponsors were honored with heartfelt roses for their contributions.

Mr.Jerald D'Souza expressed gratitude for active participation, making the event memorable. Ms. Nisha Cordeiro, the MC, expertly guided the proceedings with eloquence and charm.

The event concluded with a food blessing by Sr. Sushma. The Infant Mary Ward Feast celebrated the community's strength, unity, and values, fostering love, faith, and togetherness. It reminded all of the importance of celebrating achievements and milestones together, creating lasting memories.

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