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Sep. 6: Today the 8th day of Novena preparing for the Nativity of Mother Mary. Mass started  at 6.45 a.m. as usual. Children carrying flowers in baskets and plates came  to honour Mother Mary.

Today’s subject for meditation : “ Wedding At Cana ” and today’s intention is to pray for   “Couples who will be getting married and the couples who are married ”.  Also our Christian community to think about the time and money wasted in Wedding celebrations.

Mary told Jesus about the shortage of wine in the Wedding of Cana and she knew that He will take care of the shortage to keep the honour of the host.  Also Mother Mary will intercede for us with Jesus when we pray for her help.    

While praying for the couples who will be getting married  & who are married, let us also pray for our community so that they will realize the way the time and money spent during weddings. Weddings are not started on time. Many people come and wait for the few late comers. Food is served very late and all the crowd is forced to remain for long hours as wishing and food takes place last.  We should think about starting our celebrations on time and also serve food on time.  The invitation card tells us the “Roce”will start at 7.30 p.m but it will not start before 8.30 pm and the food will be served around 10.00 p.m.  Also for the Roce, weddings, birthdays or Anniversary Mass for the dead, the same food menu. Different type of celebration, with different variety of food will keep the good old tradition of our community alive.

So let us think about coming on time and be punctual to the celebrations not to waste time of the people who are on time for services.  Definitely we will be totally upset if the church services are not started on time.    Let us pray for couples and families to open our eyes and reform themselves.

After the mass children took part in the ‘flower offering ceremony” gathering round the statue of baby mother Mary in the church compound while singing the hymn to praise Mary.  The Novena Prayer was recited and cake was distributed to all  

Oh Mother Mary guide our couples to live in the true and loving path of Matrimony

































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