The Corpus Christi Church in Moodubidire commemorated the Feast of St. Charles Borromeo, the patron saint of catechists, with a grand celebration on November 5, 2023. The Eucharistic celebration, led by the dedicated catechism teachers, marked the event. Preceding the mass, a moving adoration to the Holy Eucharist took place. The liturgy commenced as all the catechists, holding burning lamps, processed to the altar, symbolizing their guiding light in educating the faithful.

Following the solemn Eucharistic service, a brief gathering was held in honor of the catechists. Mr. Norbert Martis, secretary of the Parish Council, extended gratitude to the catechists for their unwavering commitment in teaching catechism every Sunday. Reverend Fr. Onil D’Souza expressed deep appreciation for their noble service, showering blessings upon the catechists and their families. As a token of appreciation, the teachers were honored with gifts.

The event concluded with a delectable breakfast for all attendees. Mr. Ronald Dsouza, a catechist, conveyed heartfelt thanks to the organizers and the parish priest for arranging a memorable celebration of the Catechists Day. The day not only honored St. Charles Borromeo but also celebrated the dedication and selfless service of the catechism teachers.

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