Parish Priest's Message

My dear parishioners/readers,

Greetings and regards to you all.

Thanks for the warm welcome:
I have taken charge of Corpus Christi Church Moodbidri on 16th May 2022. It’s going to be almost two and half months just in few days.

During this period of two and half months I have visited all the families residing in the parish. I thank each and every one of you for the warm and cordial welcome you extended to me on the day of my arrival and when I visited the families.

Vibrant community:
During the past two and half months I have interacted and held meetings with various associations  and pastoral commissions of the parish. During those meetings I observed that there is lot of enthusiasm and good will among the associations and the pastoral commissions to contribute to the growth of the parish community. We support and encourage all the enthusiastic office bearers and the members of the associations and the pastoral commissions. I have learnt that there are children, youth and grown up individuals who are endowed with lot of talents. If these talents are utilized for the good of the parish community I am sure our parish community will benefit a lot and the individuals who contribute will grow to the realization of their full potentialities. I can say with confidence that the parish community is committed to provide all possible opportunities to showcase the talents of its members.
God in the Church and God in the ward:
From my observation I have learnt that there is a thirst for God among the people which is seen in the church attendance on Sundays and also an encouraging participation in the Thursday devotion. There is another place where we need to find God as we do in the church. And that place is none other than the ward where we live. It’s here we need to practice what we professed in the church. Initially when I heard about the ward meetings I was bit discouraged. But when I participated in the ward meetings and the ward feasts my fears vanished. It is true that not all people come for the ward meetings but we need to rejoice and celebrate with those who come. God bless those make time to come together and share their faith.

Physically far, spiritually near :
Some  of the parishioners are away from their home for obvious reasons i.e. job, studies etc. Though physically you are away from home you are definitely close to us. We remember you in our prayers. We wish to keep you connected to what is happening around here through various social media platforms. Kindly stay tuned to the church here. Please feel free to express your views and opinions on the church and the parish community. We don’t promise that we will be able translate into action all that is said but we assure that we will try to absorb your valuable suggestions into the action plan.

Will be in touch with you.

God bless you

V. Fr Onil D’Souza
Parish Priest
Corpus Christi Church, Moodbidri

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